Why millennial's are afraid of getting married?

“I didn’t belong to myself” - Marriage Story

As compared to our previous generations the rate of getting married late or not marrying at all is considerably high in our present generation. Earlier people prioritized marriage in the cycle of their life, but now marriage is not one of the primary goals for many. With the advancement of age, people have become more ambitious in life, people plan to have a successful career, travel the world, experience a lot of things in life before planning to settle down and start their own family. The millennials tend to invest time in the cycle of profit and loss. Their mind gets shaped in a way that relationships fail to hold much importance to them.

Though millennials have often looked at life in a profit and loss manner, things like relationships, the family were not much looked upon as an investment for them. A lot of millennials have also experienced parent’s divorce, which in a way has tormented the idea of marriage for a few of them. They do not tend to go through the same trauma over again that their parents went through, resulting in not ready to commit or be married at all.

Some of the millennials are also against the traditional concept of marriage. They are more inclined towards live-in relationships. The idea of marriage pulls them down. As long as love and compatibility exist between two people, millennials are okay with the relationship. Again to some millennials, think they are too much exposed a figure to society. In case the marriage turns out to be an unsuccessful one they will be more susceptible to be judged than any other ordinary class family person. That, in turn, will affect their stature in society, and moreover healing from the wound of a broken relationship will not be easy for them.

One of the major concerns for millennials is that each and every event of their life gets covered by the attention of social media which makes them lack privacy in their life. And marriage is a sensitive issue in society any mishap in the marriage will disturb the reputation they have earned in society. So in a way, it would not be wrong to say that millennials are actually scared of marriages. To millennials, they have a bigger purpose than marriage to achieve in their life so they do want to restrict themselves to any condition.

Another aspect concerning the millennials is the fear of getting rejected. So many a time they do not even approach anybody for a conjugal relationship or any bond as such. Some even fear being controlled by the opposite person in a marital bond. Marriage becomes more of a piece of baggage to them thinking it might change them as a person. Due to all these factors, the idea of marriage does not hold true to them. To be true to the fact some of the millennials also considers marriage to be more of a financial burden. The high rate of divorce these days makes them more calculative of their steps towards marriage. Hence, millennials tend to avoid marriage in their way of life.

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