Understanding Mental Health and Seeking Help

'Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light’ - Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Battling anxiety and depression

Depression is more like inescapable darkness to many. Initially, people disregard this mental health condition as something like, "stress" failing to understand the disastrous impact on our lives. That it is a serious health issue that has been overlooked by many of us for ages. Anxiety, depression, the tension was never considered important enough to be a part of a health issue. This made the suffering of an individual dealing with mental stress far more difficult. Though the treatment of this condition is just like any other health-related issue, although the initiation of getting oneself exposed to treatment was a bigger deal.

How depression disrupts our lives?

The people battling anxiety and depression find it more difficult to express or speak about it to anyone. Lack of knowledge and cooperation makes the disease all the more worse for people to handle. Mental health issues can create havoc effect on our health. The constant feeling of restlessness and worry leads to panic attacks which make the sufferers get sick day by day. The body struggles to breathe during such attacks. There is a cycle of sudden breakdown and panic attacks when you cry for no reason. Apart from such ill-health issues depression pushes our mind to a state where we start having suicidal thoughts. People tend to end their lives thinking it to be the last option available to them. Some people also finds life to be too cruel for them to be alive. They isolate away from everything that connects them to the world outside them. Depression in a way paralyzes our ability to live a harmonious life.

Why depression?

The foremost misconception which is why people do not open up about their condition is because they think that they are the only one who is having such thoughts and they are alone. People cannot grasp the fact that this is something that can happen to anyone at any point in time or maybe without any reason also at times. There can be many unsaid things or an unfortunate incident, self-doubts, or just a little issue that is worrying you. This gradual process of suppressing ourselves eventually makes us fall prey to depression. Sometimes it is even difficult to say what is that particular thing is bothering us. We tend to feel low or just be sad about nothing, sometimes one can feel tired by doing nothing.

Seeking help

There is a strong and urgent need to understand that depression cannot be healed automatically. The only way to cure depression or any mental health condition is by seeking help. Communicating our inner thoughts with a professional can help and make the complicated process simpler. A good mental counselor will guide you towards the right path and can help you understand the darkest of thoughts. The constant inner battle will tend to get easier if you can seek help at the right time.

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