Mental Health of an ongoing school child_Vol_2

Like everyone you also miss your school days in the 30's to 60's because it is the golden period

of everyone's life. Let us think about our children who are actually missing their school days and

bound to stay at home.

School always plays a significant role in our development. Development has five domains

Physical, Social, Emotional, Cognitive and Language. Among these domains today we will

discuss Cognitive, Language and Emotional, which together can be considered as

Psychological Development. If we think about preschool or nursery students, this time is very

challenging for them as school gives them the best environment to acquire language and

cognitive skills. The children from 7 to 18 years are actually facing an emotional crisis. This is

the age when they develop ego, self identity, confidence, self-esteem and many cognitive sides

which will create their personality and intelligence. The regular school discipline, teachers'

guidance, knowledge sharing, daily tasks and practical problems as well as interaction with

peers help them to be a better version of themselves every single time. This opportunity is

majorly missing in these two years.

There are several studies organised in these two years to find out the scale or the rate of

anxiety, stress, depression, loneliness, conducts, behaviours and so on among students. We will

not be surprised to share that this rate has increased by 71% in India. Many schools have

started counseling classes with students, some aware parents have also taken initiative for their

children and come to counselors.

Our suggestions for parents are

1.Try to involve them in a healthy routine.

2.Try to understand what is the phase they are facing, how they behave, how they express.

3.Talk to them, give them time and listen to them.

4. Engage them with different activities rather than only study.

5. Follow their mood and behaviour, if needed consult with a professional without delay.

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