Love in the time of pandemic

“Uncertainty is the biggest torture in love”

The biggest pandemic of the century has not only brought miseries but challenges that are difficult to face. The pandemic situation has been a desperate time, where people had to face complete lockdown to curb the spread of the virus. This has made a tremendous effect in communication among people. The effect is more severe when it comes to love and companionship. People in relationships had a hard time keeping up the communication ongoing virtually. Keeping intact the bond of a relationship during such a miserable situation is a big challenge itself. Misunderstandings creep in relationships due to miscommunications between two persons. There are two cases to consider when speaking about love relationships. One category is about those in a conjugal relationship and the other in a love affair.

Hurdles faced by partners in a love affair

Distance creates a lot of pressure in a relationship. In spite of a lot of reassurance of love but staying connected is something that really matters in any relationship. There is a big need for proper understanding between the two partners to hold on to a relationship. The social restrictions globally have literally handicapped the world in a lot of ways and have brought the world to a standstill. Similarly, these restrictions have made it very difficult for engaged couples to maintain a steady relationship when there is a lack of opportunity for romance.

The hurdles faced in conjugal relationships during the pandemic

No matter how tough time is, having family and loved ones beside you can really ease out the matter. But too much of anything also creates a burden. There are instances shared by couples how the number of fights increased as compared to their previous lifestyle. Throughout our life, we all have craved to spend more time with our partners. But when the same wish was granted but with conditions things did not seem as sweet and merry. The pandemic made the scenario just the opposite of expectation. The couples stayed together but the fear of uncertainty of catching the virus slowly made them vulnerable and paranoid. There was no peace of mind to be able to enjoy the bliss of two partners staying together. It is not because there is something that they are lacking as a couple, it is just that they are not being able to gulp the situation and the underlying uncertainty attached to it. The initial feeling of honeymoon mood was getting over and with the approaching days, they seemed to be on the verge of getting over with each other.

Tricks to keep up the spirit of love high under the pandemic pressure

In this pandemic situation keeping hope and spirits high are the most important aspects. Though people think that spending more time can build the relationship stronger it must also be kept in mind that in such a scenario more efforts need to be put to maintain the relationship. Not more time but spend quality time with each other is necessary. Take out time from the daily hustle of life to enjoy a movie together, cook something together, write some love notes to each other, or find things that both can do together. Giving space to each other and respecting that space is very important. Create special moments for each other to express love. Pandemic is temporary but the relationship is a lifelong affair. We must make every effort to maintain the love within ourselves intact for our beloved.

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